The philosophy of Verma Vector revolves around Hilbert Space. Similar to how mathematical concept of a Hilbert space, named after David Hilbert, generalizes the notion of vector algebra and calculus from the two-dimensional Euclidean space and three-dimensional space to spaces with any finite or infinite number of dimensions, Verma Vector aims to extend the boundaries of technology innovation to many dimensions.


The Big Problem of Our Time

The big problem of our time is that we haven’t been able to achieve breakthrough inventions / develop much useful intellectual properties that can be commercialised on a global scale. This problem is relevant even to developed nations including the United States, Japan and United Kingdom. This issue of lack of breakthrough inventions finds a special and very important place in the growth narrative of emerging nations, especially India's. We believe that such inventions are the only way to solve legacy problems and do well w.r.t. economic growth and societal development.

Verma Vector specialises in the art of merging disciplines and working at intersections of several fields to solve such big problems. We are experts in the art of starting and scaling technology businesses, building deep research-based products, helping leaders strategise, invest and lead better.



Venture Capital



Anshuman Verma

Between 2013 and 2015, Verma invested in and / or advised several prominent technology startups in India, eg. a data API for mining social media platforms, an online lingerie venture, a SaaS to help video publishers monetize better via its patented dynamic ad-insertion platform, a retail format 'Starbucks of India', a B2B marketplace focused on plastics, paints, paper etc., an online event ticketing platform, an online stock analysis video platform focused on millennials, a mechanical component manufacturer, a mobile payment app built on top of UPI’s India stack etc.

In 2012, Verma briefly supported an early-stage venture capital firm where he was instrumental in making investments in cloud, video and fintech platforms. Prior to this, Verma exited (‘11) from an analytic / fintech venture (founded by him in 2007) by way of selling its assets to a portfolio of two global private equity funds. Earlier Verma co-founded (’05) a venture that scrubbed derivative contracts for traders, proprietary desks, and bank treasuries. Verma’s last stint was with Accel Partners where he worked with both investments and portfolio management teams based in India.

Verma has appeared in Businessworld’s list of most promising young entrepreneurs in India, was listed as one of the 100 most promising young change-makers in Asia by FYSE (China based organization), was chosen ‘Pioneer of Tomorrow’ on ETNow’s ‘Pioneering Spirits’, was invited by Harvard University's global conference in Hong Kong to discuss 'Future of Technology', and has been on several entrepreneurship and innovation panels / juries in India and outside.

In 2017, Verma supported an Indian state and central government sponsored entrepreneurship body to screen promising technologies from electronics and hardware sectors. Verma was recognized as ‘Government of India – Lockheed Martin India Innovator’ in 2010. Verma is a member of The World Justice Project, Bill Neukom’s founded organization that works to advance the Rule of Law, and was Fellow at Startingbloc, New York based non-profit advocacy for a sustainable world.



Venture Strategy

Venture Capital

Branding & Positioning

Product Management

India & Technology

Indian Macro

Emerging Technologies

Technology Investing

Future of Technology


Founder's Experience

The Invention Factory™

2016 - Present

Founder & CEO

The Invention Factory is building unique and inventive hardware products

M1L / InventionFactory

2014 - 2015, 2016 - Present

Founder & Chief Creator

M1L helps new-age inventive ventures to network, discuss, build, productize, brand, distribute and monetise

Accel Partners

2015 – 2016

Venture Partner

Early and Growth Stage Venture Capital Fund

Micro VC, Angel Network, Family Office

2012 - 2014

Investment Adviser

Seed & Early-Stage Technology Investments

WebTrade, TradeEngine

2006 - 2012

Founder & CEO

B&I was a financial technology product and services company that helped banks / corporate treasuries solve technology, analytic and risk problems

Beans Financial Solutions

2005 - 2006

Founder / Director

Provider of excel based quantitative finance tools for derivatives, structured derivative products, equity & equity linked financial products, credit products etc

SS&C / GlobeOp

2004 – 2004


Risk Analytics & Reporting


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Kunal Lagwankar

Kunal Lagwankar

CEO & Co-founder, AdSparx

Anshuman is one of the few ones I know, who has moved back to being an entrepreneur after being a VC. Unsurprisingly too, as Anshuman is an entrepreneur at heart and gives solid practical advice to entrepreneurs.

Personally, I have always found his practical, no-nonsense approach very useful and encouraging. He walks the talk, and is a delight to speak to.

Wish him the best for his current and future endeavours!

Chandrashekhar Chandu Sohoni

Chandrashekhar Chandu Sohoni

Founder & CEO, Amigobulls Inc.

We have had the pleasure of having Anshuman as an Angel Investor in Amigobulls. He has this unique combination of expertise in Finance, Technology and most importantly user-understanding.

Being an entrepreneur and an investor, Anshuman brings in a balanced perspective from both sides of the eco-system.

Ravi Pratap Maddimsetty

Ravi Pratap Maddimsetty

Co-Founder & CTO at MobStac

I've had the pleasure of working with Anshuman on a new mobile app that we launched at MobStac. Anshuman was involved from the app's earliest days and his work on helping shape the app has been nothing short of stellar.
From the time he first started, Anshuman has been eating our dogfood, giving the team continuous feedback on how the product works in the field, testing it in different parts of India, and essentially working as a very integral part of the product team. I've also found Anshuman to be very actively thinking about BD opportunities and finding ways for us to grow the app even faster, essentially through strategic tie-ups.
Anshuman has been a key member of team, giving us a very grounded and realistic perspective on the product. His involvement and ownership on the team has been exemplary - I look forward to continuing to work with Anshuman in scaling the app's growth and reach.

Amarpreet Kalkat

Amarpreet Kalkat

Founder & CEO, Frrole Inc.

I have known Anshuman for about 3 years now. As one of our angel investors, Anshuman has been a strong pillar of support for us; helping not just reactively, but even proactively. Don't let his sometimes soft demeanor mislead you, underneath is a man with an ability to have strong contrarian views and make bets accordingly.

He works with a firm set of beliefs and having been on both sides of the investor-entrepreneur table (for much longer than most), he has the ability to understand the big picture like few do.


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